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Instead of specializing in one disease, we provide financial assistance to recipients with a variety of major medical conditions such as various cancers, colon disease, macular degeneration, dental work in preparation for cancer treatment, other medical conditions, and conditions arising from catastrophic accidents. Sometimes mobility issues accompany serious disability and in those cases we have partnered with other non-profits, negotiated with companies, and have helped people purchase scooters, lifts, and ramps.

Making a difference

HeartStone Foundation Board Members

Diana Puppin – About 9 years ago, I got involved in the HeartStone Foundation by first attending their annual fundraiser, the HeartStone Tour. I was hooked. I started volunteering and quickly decided to become a board member. Eight years later I am still on the board – I’m a lifer.  It’s great to team up with awesome volunteers, organize fundraising events, and work with other dedicated board members, but the ultimate fulfillment is being able to help people who become financially strapped due to medical issues. I’m honored to be on the board, and continue its growth and service in the community.

Nancy Hendricks – When a friend who is a board member of Heartstone Foundation asked me to join the board, I was excited to use my 20 years non-profit accounting experience to help other less fortunate than me. I believe in the mission and get satisfaction from helping those in need.

Angie Sexton – I understand first hand how difficult it is to face a major disease and at the same time try and juggle the financial difficulties that arise from it.  To be able to do even a small part to alleviate some of that for another person is why I serve.

Yvonne & Eric Boltz

Following a life changing accident, we needed to give back to the community that supported us. Being on the board of HeartStone Foundation has given us that opportunity. Navigating the medical bureaucracy and financial difficulties is hard enough when one is in good health. Easing these burdens for others is important to us.

3442 Alta Vista Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45211



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