In 2008, Debbie Drew was diagnosed for a second time, after 15 years, with non-Hodgkins Stage 4 Lymphoma. By April of 2009 she was feeling like herself again after chemotherapy, a bone marrow transplant, and 40 days in the hospital. Her husband Mark had been forced to take many days off work assist his Debbie so they applied for assistance from the HeartStone Foundation. The foundation helped Debbie and Mark with all the expenses associated with Debbie’s cancer treatment.

“Without HeartStone Foundation’s  help, we would really have it hard; they are wonderful,” Debbie Drew said of the HeartStone Foundation. “It would have really been an even worse experience. With their help, we’ve truly been blessed.”

Debbie and Mark found out about the HeartStone Foundation during one of their visits to the Jewish Hospital Blood and Marrow Transplant Program. The foundation paid the deductibles for Debbie’s medical visits and assisted with her monthly insurance premiums and oncology bills.

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