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Our mission is to provide financial assistance to those with major medical conditions so they may concentrate on healing.





we are Unique!

What Makes the
HeartStone Foundation Unique?

Instead of specializing in one disease, we provide financial assistance to recipients with a variety of major medical conditions such as various cancers, colon disease, macular degeneration, dental work in preparation for cancer treatment, other medical conditions, and conditions arising from catastrophic accidents. Sometimes mobility issues accompany serious disability and in those cases we have partnered with other non-profits, negotiated with companies, and have helped people purchase scooters, lifts, and ramps.

How did the HeartStone Foundation get started?

In 2007, several people raised money to help a friend with breast cancer. After successfully helping her pay her medical bills, some of those people decided to continue helping people and start a non-profit.

Why the name HeartStone?

The HeartStone name was derived from the James Alexander Thom novel, Panther in the Sky. It describes young Native Americans diving down into frigid water to choose their “heartstone”, which they would carry into adulthood for help in trying times.

The Key to our Success in Helping Others is Your Support

Whether you can give a little or a lot of your time or financial support, we and our recipients are grateful for your help!

There are many ways you can give.


Mother Daughter Soccer

“At the top of my blessing list are the wonderful people from HeartStone Foundation. I can’t thank the people enough from the foundation for their time, kindness, and donations. They were total strangers helping our son. Strangers, we can never thank enough, but thank you. May God return your kindness to us 100 fold. In the waiting room for NICU, a nurse told me our lives were forever changed. At that time, I knew things would be different. I just didn’t know how different. When the attack first happened, we were told that both of our children might not survive the attack. Danny had to be resuscitated on sight. He remembers dying. We’ve all had to learn to live with the memories and the results of that day. Not an easy job. I know what has helped me through everything: I’ve learned to count the blessings each day. Some days, they are harder to find than others, but when you look hard enough you find them.” 

The O’Keefe Family

“I just want to thank you again, this has been a very big help to me. I do believe everything happens for a reason and somehow things work out. Take care and God Bless!”

Betty Gridley

Bringing Comfort and Ease of Mind

“Oh, my goodness! When I read the email from the HeartStone’s foundation last night I thought I was dreaming. This morning I realized it was true – my medical debt is taken care of. Know that you have made my family’s day. Thank you so much!”


“I just wanted to take a moment to thank all of you for your generous financial assistance. You are an answer to my prayers. I am moving forward in my treatment and with your help can now ‘focus on my healing’ as you suggest. Thank you so much!”

Cathy M.






3442 Alta Vista Ave
Cincinnati, OH 45211



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